EUROPEAN ELECTIONS 26 MAY 2019 This time I’m Voting!

Statements by the Chief Returning Officer after the submission of candidacies

The Chief Returning Officer, Mr Kypros Kyprianou, announced the successful conclusion of the process for the submission of candidacies for the election of the six Cypriot Members of the European Parliament, which took place on Friday, 3 May 2019, at the ‘Filoxenia’ Conference Centre in Lefkosia.

Mr Kyprianou said that a total of 72 candidacies have been submitted: 69 candidates seek election with the backing of 13 coalitions and three run as independent. The candidates include nine Turkish Cypriot citizens.

According to the electoral law, there is a 24-hour period for objections, which expired on Saturday at 12.30pm.  Two objections were filed by independent candidate Haris Aristidou and the Nationalist Liberation Movement, which were rejected as they were incompatible with the relevant law.

The Chief Returning Officer further said that together with the Government Printing Office, preparations for the design of the ballot would begin on Friday afternoon. The final ballot would be approved during a meeting with party representatives, he added.

Mr Kyprianou thanked all parties involved and called on people to exercise their voting right on 26 May 2019.


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